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Top Coat - Show Dog - Ultra Clear - Satin

This non-yellowing, ultra clear furniture paint top coat finishes to the perfect velvety satin sheen. Not just another Dog Show Champion - our "Show Dog Topcoat" is a real "working dog". This non-yellowing/non-ambering protector of paint and wood won’t back down from the challenges of spills, dirt and handprints.

Show Dog is made from the clearest, non-amber urethane and the clearest acrylic to offer superb surface protection without color alteration. That means a white painted surface will still be white after an application. Show Dog is also tough enough for all interior furniture surfaces, guarding against the abuses of everyday use so your furniture comes out looking great.

Black Dog Salvage Topcoat Painting Techniques:
-Treat your Show Dog right: stir only. No shaking.
-Apply it to your project with a good quality brush (bristle or foam - your choice) or a paint sprayer.
-If spraying, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s setting and thinning recommendations.
-Lightly sand between coats.
-If painting on pieces where chalk paint waxes have been used, make sure to remove any remaining wax,

Dries to the touch in approximately 1 hour.
One PINT covers approximately 40 square feet, one QUART covers approximately 79 square feet.