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Staalmeester Painters essential kit

$109.00 Regular price $145.00

This brush kit includes: 1 Original Series oval brush, which is a combination of white natural Chungking bristles and synthetic bristles. It is designed for all types of water-based paints. 1 Pro-Hybrid series pointed sash brush, characterized by their 100% synthetic fiber. A stroke free result is easily achieved. Featuring an INOX ferrule, it is excellent for all paints. 1 Pro-Hybrid series round brush, extremely versatile and perfect for painting window frames, doors, spindles, and kitchen cabinets. 1 Pro-Hybrid series flat brush, 100% synthetic fiber, ideal for a brush stroke free finish. Suited for applying all types of paint 1 Natural series short brush. Pure Chungking bristles. Suited for Milk Paint, stains & waxes. Helps to create textured finishes. Ideal for stenciling.

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