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Gel Stain


The Gel Stain is an oil based coating available in 4 gorgeous colors . Double Espresso, Black, Greystone and Patina. It has similar characteristics to our stain and finishing oil, however with Gel Stainh can be applied to virtually any surface with no prep ( other than cleaning off the cobwebs!) to a surface that has been previously finished, scratched, painted etc. It’s a game changer!

Quick facts:

  • This product is a Brush On and NOT a wipe on or wipe back product.
  • Use a natural bristle brush or a roller to apply.
  • Dries to the touch in approximately 4 hours and can be re-coated at that time (always test for tackiness prior to recoating, if still tacky wait another couple hours and re-assess)
  • Has a thicker gel like consistency – each color varies. When stirred it becomes less viscous.
  • Long open time and Self Leveling.
  • Comes in Quart size only in 4 different colors.
  • One Coat looks like a stain. Subsequent coats become more opaque, except for Patina which will remain transparent as it contains no pigment.
  • Satin Finish.



  • Laminate, Lacquered, previously painted or coated surfaces.
  • Damaged or Scratched surfaces
  • Almost a no prep product- just clean and remove any wax or grease. No sanding or de-glossing required to apply this.
  • Extremely durable. Excellent for Flooring and heavy use kitchen table tops etc.
  • Works on Bare Wood surfaces for a beautiful satin finish.


  • Gel Stain is Oil Based
  • Mineral Spirits for clean up
  • Dries to the touch in approximately 4 hours
  • Cures in 5 Days

How can you decide which one to use and when?

We’re going to break down the differences between the two products to help you decide which is best for your next project.

If you have a raw wood that has an even surface and lovely grain, we would lean towards using our Stain and Finishing Oil. If you have a sealed, varnished, lacquered or painted wood surface, or a surface that is damaged or scratched we would lean towards the Gel Stain.

For more information visit:  https://fusionmineralpaint.com