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Candlelight Corn Chowder

Candlelight Corn Chowder

Price: $9.59


This chowder boasts a ‘fresh off the cob’ taste by using only the best SuperSweet freeze dried corn. This 30 minute quick cook chowder is enhanced by the perfect seasoning blend. Simply add broth, potatoes and cream for a superb taste. Chicken or seafood can also be added to this hearty chowder.
5 oz.
Makes 2 Quarts: 6-8 servings Cook Time: 40 minutes

Contains: Freeze-dried corn, rice, dried vegetables, herbs & spices

Allergen Info: gluten-free

Cooking Instructions

3 (14.5 oz.) cans chicken broth
1 cup potatoes, peeled and diced (or 1 cup southern style frozen hash brown potatoes)
1 1/3 cups half & half (or milk)
1/2 teaspoon salt
optional fresh-chopped parsley (to garnish)

To Prepare:
1.Add soup mix and potatoes to chicken broth. Bring to boil.
2.Reduce heat & simmer until potatoes and rice are tender (20 minutes)
3.Stir in half & half and salt. Remove from heat and let rest 20 minutes. DO NOT BOIL.

Candlelight Corn Chowder pairs well with fresh baked crusty bread and a garnish of fresh-chopped parsley. A great choice for potluck dinners!

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